S. O. S.
Emergency Shelter

We opened an emergency shelter for Projekt Šance clients on 1 April 2007. The shelter is for clients actively involved in Projekt Šance programmes, who usually become peer advisors (a bridge between the street and the association – the street worker’s helping hand). The emergency shelter also addresses the acute medical problems of clients who require peace/rest.

Strict rules apply at the emergency shelter. Clients are not permitted visitors and are not allowed to consume alcohol or use other addictive substances.

The emergency shelter charges a symbolic fee, which is deducted from pay for work at the WORKSHOP.

Thanks to the long-term support of ANNONCE, which provides us with free copies of ANNONCE bydlení (classified ads), we try to find clients permanent housing through ads or the internet. In 2007, three clients pooled their pay and moved from their squat to a new home.

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