S. O. S.
In Prague on 29th April 2008

As part of the current situation with the “Dům chance“ (House of Chances) and “Dětí ulice” (Children of the street) in the City District of Prague 5, Archa 90 publishers decided to offer support to Projekt Šance, o.s., which is the promoter of the centre.

The First Lady of the Czech Republic, Livie Klausová, attended a ceremonial presentation at which she accepted the first print of a replica of the VELISLAV BIBLE for the Livie and Václav Klaus Foundation.

A second replica of the VELISLAV BIBLE was accepted by László Sümegh, coordinator of Projekt Šance, o.s., in support of the House of Chances project and work therapy for the “Children of the street” in the Czech Republic.