S. O. S.
WHO ARE WE?, People

Projekt Šance is a group of ordinary people, who are here for PEOPLE.

Projekt Šance includes a whole number of experts (sexologist, venereologist, stomatologist (dentist), psychiatrist, psychologist, general physician, etc.), who form the professional foundation of Projekt Šance. But we mustn’t forget all our friends, who selflessly give their time for the operation and support of the association.

László Sümegh is number one – the founder and coordinator of Projekt Šance, also a street worker, social worker and psychotherapist; in short, the “big boss”. In fact, Projekt Šance and László Sümegh are one “person”. László studied, among other things, textile art and became an independent artist. His work is very interesting as you can see in a few of the examples below:

Did you know that László is the author of the first Czech QUILT (textile tapestry in memory of a person who died of AIDS)? The very first quilt was made for Jiří Horský, the founder of ČSAP (Czech AIDS Help Society) and can be seen as part of the touring exhibition: Man Against Disease at the National Museum of the Czech Republic. László then laid down his palette and has devoted himself to Projekt Šance since 1995.

Where can you see other pieces of his work? His work is part of the permanent exhibition at the Panstwowe Museum in Majdanka, Poland. In 1994 he exhibited at the INITY 94 cultural festival in New York /USA/ and was awarded a commemorative plaque. His first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic was entitled Emotion I. Prague 1995.
Another important part of Lászlo’s life are his “children”– Bona and Arnold, two, now almost fifty kilo rottweiler puppies.

László Sümegh
Although originally a textile artist by profession, László has been a street worker and social worker for all the children and young people living on the street without help for many years.

Pavel Kozler is second in command. Pavel is a boss too, but a smaller one (175cm). Pavel is a bit of a philosopher– example and originally wanted to go to India. Then he realised that he can find what he already has at home there, so he doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore and prefers to stay at home.

The Projekt Šance team was expanded by Ing. Jiří Kubíček in 2006, who took over part of the management of the Projekt Šance office from Pavel and is the association’s advisor.

Jiří Drahota and Ivana Kubíčková joined the team in 2007 and run the WORKSHOP for clients at Dům Šance.

The core remains and people come and go...

I don’t even have to write about Peers*. That’s life.

*Peer = Peer Advisor (clients who create a communication bridge that improves the quality of social work)