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The association was founded more than ten years ago by László Sümegh, who, thanks to his efforts, has become an icon for abandoned children and adolescents living in oblivion on the streets in the Czech Republic.

Projekt Šance is the first preventative and humanitarian programme for commercially sexually exploited children and adolescents, victims of human trafficking, living in oblivion in the Czech Republic…

The association’s aim is not to convince clients they can live well on the street. The wide range of programmes and offers culminates with the WORKSHOP at Dům Šance, which offers alternative education– reintegration into normal life.

The workshop is a bridge to a better life. What more could we want to teach “Street Kids” than how to work. The workshop opened in mid May 2007 and opened work therapy for “its children” every day of the week in June. We saw positive results after the first month. Clients, who had previously refused work long-term, were “angry that they overslept” and came to the workshop late. And that’s the goal – to awaken everyday social skills without clients even being aware of it.

Projekt Šance, is ten activities for clients per week.

 from 11:00 to 17:00from 15:00 to 18:00from 11:00 to 17:00
Mondaytherapeutic workshopStreet Centre 
Tuesdaytherapeutic workshop Dům Šance with Lászlo
Wednesdaytherapeutic workshopStreet Centre 
Thursdaytherapeutic workshop Dům Šance with Lászlo
Fridaytherapeutic workshopStreet Centre 

On Friday László is in the field with peer advisors.

European Union commissioners who have been monitoring the work of Projekt Šance long-term wrote:

… public services often have problems setting up similar institutions. They could learn a lot by visiting Prague and Projekt Šance.

… Projekt Šance is exceptional among the projects we’ve visited. László Sümegh is a relentless, modest man, who has devoted his life to people in the darkest corners of the city.

In 2001, the foundations VIA, CIVILIA and NROS awarded Projekt Šance first prize
Prorok 2000 for its work in the social and humanitarian field.

In 2008, Projekt Šance will receive the prestigious SHALOM 2008 award.

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