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Projekt Šance wins the Shalom* award

The Shalom Association for Justice and Peace at the Catholic University of Eichstät-Ingolstadt hereby bestows on Mr. László Sümegh of the unincorporated association Projekt Šance in Prague / Czech Republic a refuge and counselling centre for children living on the street

the Shalom 2008 Award

for its peerless commitment in the promotion of dignity for children living on the street and the victims of abuse, on behalf of individuals and groups that take action on behalf of endangered children

The Lord Mayor of Eichstät and the Shalom association

Another important award in support of the activities of Projekt Šance, which had its lease contract for Dům Šance terminated at the end of April by Prague 5.

László Sümegh has issued the following statement: “For us this award is an indication of interest from the outside world. We found ourselves in a situation in which the ruling communal politicians in the Prague 5 district want to bury Dům Šance and, to our surprise, our S.O.S. – the letter from the “Street Children” – is heard better abroad than by the mothers and fathers in charge of the responsible authorities in our own country”.

In the past this award has been bestowed, for example, on the former Polish president Lech Walesa.

* Shalom = Peace


Nadace Civilia (The Civilia Foundation)
Nadace VIA pro méstní iniciativy (The VIA Foundation for City Initiatives)
and nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti (The Development of Civil Society Foundation)


1st prize


to Projekt Šance, o.s.

for outstanding work on the project

“Každý má šanci…” (Everyone has a chance ...)